4What type of pet(s) does KritR SitR Care for?

KritR SitR will care for most critters/pets as long as they do not pose a danger to us and do not have a history of biting or attacking other animals or people.

What services do you provide?

KritR SitR provides full service Professional Pet Sitting and/or Dog Walking

How many times do you visit?

As many times as the client requires. See "Visiting Rates"

How long do visits normally last?

Dogs - Our most popular request is for a 30 Min to 1 Hour visit. This usually consists of a good walk, play time, a quick groom, feeding / water and general companionship.

Cats - 15 - 30 minutes is normally sufficient to feed, provide play time and companionship.

Do you take my dog walking if it is raining?

Yes, dogs love walking in the rain. We will make sure they are nice and dry returning home.

How do I register for KritR SitR Services?

Before we are able to accept any bookings please contact "KritR SitR Professional Pet Care" to schedule a pet care assessment visit. The assessment usually lasts about 30-40 minutes and allows us all to get to know each other. Please be prepared to provide details such as normal daily exercise, feeding and your pet(s) likes and dislikes. This will enable KritR SitR to provide the highest level of care for your pet(s) in your absence.

Do I have to sign a contract?

Yes, we need a signed statement that you agree to let us enter your home to care for your animals and you agree to KritR SitR Professional Pet Care policies and procedures.

Why hire a pet sitter?

When you have to be away from home, for travel or an emergency, and you do not want to leave your pet in a boarding kennel, who takes care of your pet? If, like many pet owners, you ask a friend or neighbor to drop in and pour some food and water in your pet's bowls, is this really sufficient care and attention for your pet? There's a good chance that your friends and neighbors, lacking proper pet-care experience and, having forgotten to show up, will say "Never mind, I will give him double tomorrow." They may also resent frequent requests to look after your pet while you're gone. So what is the solution?

5You want to leave your pet(s) in safe hands where your pet will get:

  • The environment he/she knows best
  • The same diet and routine
  • Relief from traveling to and staying in an unfamiliar place with other animals (such as a boarding kennel)
  • Love, care and attention while you're away

And you will have:

  • Happier friends and neighbors, who are not burdened with the responsibility of your pet(s)
  • The peace of mind that comes from knowing that your pet(s) is being cared for by a professional
  • Someone to bring in your newspaper and mail etc., thereby creating a lived-in look deterring potential burglars
  • Someone who will come to your home so you don't have to drive your pet to a boarding kennel
  • Value added services provided by KritR SitR Professional Pet Care (light grooming, plant watering, and for added security, door/window checks)